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Monday, April 24, 2006
I spent this weekend at a wedding. Really, it felt more like a class reunion. All in one room were symposium classmates, friends whom I used to hang with in my first year, guys who I used to play mafia with; and roommates that have not been together for an extended period since graduation. Most of these people I have not spent significant time with, if any, since graduation. The good part is that we picked up right where we left off. It was great to spend good hang out time with guys that had come in from Washington D.C. and from Milwaukee.

But it got me thinking about age. Here we all are-- feeling young, all still starting our careers-- yet we are five years removed from our undergraduate times. Where did the time go? What happened? Most importantly, what does it mean?

I have to admit, the whole thing got me down. Just yesterday we were kids, with no rush, no cares, no fears, and plans to change the world; five years later, where did it go? We're so interested in kids, in housing, in our jobs and our IRAs-- makes me really want to concentrate on a paper to write or MarioKart for a while-- there is so much purity and enjoyment in that simplicity compared to the complexity that is the upper 20s!

And to think that 20 years from now we'll be celebrating our 25th reunion, and how things will have further changed-- and how really old that would be-- though not much older than my parents today.

It also further makes me realize how special it is to have found someone to share that time with. I'm lucky to have Pip who has pledged to see me through my 20s, 30s, 40s, et al. And she does it in a way that makes me proud to be with her, so that I have the opportunity to see her through the same. In the middle of all the change that age brings us, having the constant of being able to look into her beautiful eyes each morning makes me not fear age 28...or 29.....or even 30.
let's hope we both age 'gracefully'
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