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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  Al Franken
Went to see Al Franken at SJU last night. I'll report more in the morning, after I have the opportunity to digest it a bit, but it was entertaining, to say the very least.

I did notice that now I have labeled all these places in my life as sites where Pip and I did something, as in "that's
where Pip and I would hang out when we started dating," and "that's the McDonald's I would stop at on the way home from seeing Pip", and an entire building at CSB that I only know through Pip (what would a math geek be doing at the BAC anyway?) ... I guess that means I miss you Pip!!! Lovies!
It is funny, because now that I am in Italy I keep saying to myself 'I wish the Barrister was here to see it with me.'

Miss you.
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