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Saturday, April 15, 2006
It's really hard to be away from Pip on a holiday that means so much to us.

We traditionally go to the early mass at CSB, which is a 5:30 am go time-- that means early. But with the candles and fire it is so beautifully natural and unassuming-- it is what a Catholic easter should be-- a celebration and a festival, not a solemn occasion with lame music and canned theology.

Then we go and have breakfast with the sisters, and then to play cards with Srs. Janice and Merle. While Pip's bro will be joining me tomorrow, it won't be the same without Pip. It has always been a joy watching Pip in her element-- in a community of strong, energetic women who have made it their life missions to serve God and their community. Watching her interactions there is worth the early start alone. I enjoy my time there, and they make me feel extremely welcome-- I know that sometimes it is someone else's place for shining.

Pip will have the opportunity to attend Easter mass at Notre Dame. While I obviously miss her, I know the other sisters will miss her as well, but I suspect they won't be surprised to know she is off on bigger and better things this Easter.
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