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Sunday, April 30, 2006
  New Phone

Ok, I finally did it.

After obsessing about this for way too long, I finally went out and bought a new phone-- a Blackberry 7130e from Verizon. To tell you honestly, I love it. It's sync'd to my email, it has internet access, and in theory, I will be able to remotely access my office desktop (it even has a google earth applet that gives real time maps/satellite photos including even Metro stops in Paris-- damn cool!). I have been struggling to stay organized since my PDA died in December, and this takes the cake-- I feel more productive already!

The phone is really a means of keeping in touch. I am already getting so lazy in the sense that sitting in front of my laptop to pound out an email is tedious. Now, it will be much easier to sit down when I have a few minutes of downtime to write an email on my phone- wherever I am. I long for the day when my cellphone will be fast enough and powerful enough to be my laptop, so I won't have to lug it around all day.

With Pip in France, I am understanding how important it is to keep in touch. I really want to talk to her, or really, just be around her-- and given the mileage between us, but for technology it would not be possible. Skype, email, MSN keep us split-seconds apart instead of an ocean away. It makes this time liveable-- though it gets harder when Pip explores the continent while yours truly explores Menard's.

On a macro scale, we are moving so isolationist as a society that things like email are one of the few threads that keep us together. I have been so spoiled for so long that I have taken it all for granted. But technology helps to rope me back in again! I will be a Crackberry addict!
i thought you liked menards. . .
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