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Monday, April 17, 2006
  To be a dog
Life as a dog must be pretty difficult.

As I write this Sophie is fast asleep on the bed-- Pip's and my bed-- and is quickly taking over the entire Pip side. I'll get up to use the bathroom and she'll lift her head up; when I ask her what she wants, she tilts her head as if she doesn't understand. Satisfied that I'm doing nothing interesting, she puts her head back on (my) pillow and resumes her slumber. And that may have been the toughest part of her day today!

But really, how can you not love an animal that anxiously awaits your every move, that misses you when you are away, that hugs you when you get home and even wants to kiss your lips?

It's so easy to minimize the dog as a primitive animal, that barks to communicate and can even be found chasing its own tail. But even then, it is clear that dogs have completely figured out what we humans always struggle to understand-- love.

It's easy to love someone like Pip, especially if I follow the example of pup! Rub my belly???
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