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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Randomness of the day (perhaps caused by exhaustion...)
Two random thoughts, completely disconnected from one another:

1.) Wait, we go into Iraq on the premise that there may be WMDs and they have a bad, dictatorial regime; occupy it and depose their leader; bomb the infrastructure and ruin the institutions in the country; but yet, their next door neighbor, who has a history of taking our citizens its hostages, who fought a war in the 80s against our interests, who has clearly expressed nuclear ambitions and an ability to procure them (thanks for pulling out of the non-proliferation treaty-- good one), whose leader is dictatorial, and we can only talk tough with sanctions???

Anybody else find the irony more than a little amusing?

2.) One week before Paris for me, which is good and bad. The bad is that I have to get a lot of stuff done first. But the excitement is well worth pain as I get to spend time with Pip together-- five straight date days which I'm looking forward to being spoiled by from Pip. It's hard to stay focused knowing that she and I will be walking on the Mediteranean sands next weekend, holding hands, watching the sun set over the water. Pip, Ivy's Edge of the Water makes me look forward to that next week!
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