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Saturday, May 20, 2006
  Two Years
Long time no post for me.

Though Pip and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend, I HAD to post a little more.

After I was done with my meeting today I took a trip to CSB and went to the Idzierda House, where Pip lived when we started dating I didn't need to go in, but just being present there gave me the opportunity to sit and think for a moment. Sometimes you need to retrace your steps to understand where you are standing.

I realized how fortunate I am to have Pip in my life. Someone so beautiful, so amazing, whose image stays with me though she is thousands of miles away. Whose energy is contagious, whose laugh is full of joy, whose eyes speak in terms of dreams, journeys and love. She completes me and strives me on to better things. In short, she makes me smile.

I say this because I recognize what we've been through-- our joy from when we started dating to when we were in Monaco, relaxing and enjoying just being around one another and sharing in each other's strengths. Being able to stand gazing at the Paris sky with the one you love, then looking at Pip, in whose eyes reflected the lights of the Eiffel Tower, is an image I will treasure my entire life. When I think of that image, all pain seems to go away-- and I am filled with a sense of peace and love.

What is particularly exciting is being able to continue our enjoyment of our Paris spring in three weeks, when Pip returns. We'll be able to dance in our backyard, much like we did in the Idzierda house one fall evening; Pip will stretch in our living room, like she used to in the Idzierda House; and I will see her smile as I leave a random note for her, much like she used to when I left to go home for the week ahead.

Even now, as I sit an ocean away in random pain from stones in my kidneys, I know that Pip worries about me, and wonders about how I am handling it all. That concern alone helps me to deal with it, as no pain seems bad when you can share it with someone else, and her willingness to absorb it, makes me eternally grateful, and know I found the right person to spend my life with.

So two years down, and a lifetime of love yet to go. In view of our memories, and Pip's return, the best seems yet to come. Thank you, dear, and much lovies!!!!
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